Digital Signal Processing Algorithm Library
Install DSPLIB toolchain on Windows

Install DSPLIB toolchain on Windows

DSPLIB toolchain installer

Building libdspl-2.0 on a Windows system requires installation of a compiler, Unix utilities, and Gnuplot package. It is also advisable to install the console file manager Far and IDE for developing and debugging programs.
DSPLIB toolchain is complete set of utilities necessary for working with libdspl-2.0 on a Windows system.

Download dsplib_toolchain_20_04_win_x64.exe (~219 MB).

DSPLIB toolchain 20.04 contains:
MinGW-W64-builds-4.3.5 (GCC compiler v. 8.1.0)
IDE CodeBlocks 20.03-r11983
gnuplot 5.2 patchlevel 8
Far manager v.3.0.5577 x86
Native Win32 ports of some GNU utilities

Install DSPLIB toolchain on Windows

Run the installer and select the path directory.

Default path is C:\dsplib.

It is highly recommended that all components be installed in a directory. C:\dsplib because IDE CodeBlocks and other programs are configured to work from this directory.

Press [Install] button and the process will copy packages to specified directory.

Upon completion of file copying, the specified paths will be written in the PATH variable, and the FarManager and IDE CodeBlocks icons will be created on the desktop.
To complete the installation, click [Close].

In the C:\dsplib directory we can see follow packages:

codeblocks — IDE CodeBlocks
farmanager — Console file manager.
gnuplot — Portable command-line driven graphing utility.
mingw64 — GCC comliler for C, C++ and FORTRAN (needs for BLAS and LAPACK).

UnxUtils — Windows interface for Unix utilities.

Uninstall.exe — Uninstaller that can remove everything components and PATH variables.

After the full set of utilities and programs is installed, you can compile and run libdspl-2.0.
Build libdspl-2.0 by make program
Build libdspl-2.0 by CodeBlocks IDE