Digital Signal Processing Algorithm Library
Build libdspl-2.0 by make program

Build libdspl-2.0 by make program

You must first install all the necessary utilities. If this step is not done, see section:
Install DSPLIB toolchain on Windows

Download libdspl-2.0 source code

Download libdspl-2.0 source code from

You can clone project by Git or just download zip-archive.

Unzip or clone project to the folder.

You can unzip to any directory, here libdspl-2.0 will be indicate the directory in which the source codes are unzipped.

As an example, the source codes were unzipped to directory J:\libdspl-2.0.

Build libdspl-2.0 and run test program

Open the libdspl-2.0 directory:

Select address line and type cmd:

The Windows console opens and we can write command ming32-make:

Press[Enter] and library compilation will begin.

First build time depends on computer performance and may take a few minutes. Subsequent builds will be significantly faster because the BLA and LAPACK libraries are compiled during the first build and are later linked from ready-made object files.

After building the project, you can go to the bin directory in which keeps program examples. Also in this directory you can find a ready-made library libdspl.dll:

libdspl.dll building completes
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