Digital Signal Processing Algorithm Library
Build libdspl-2.0 by CodeBlocks IDE

Build libdspl-2.0 by CodeBlocks IDE

You must first install all the necessary utilities. If this step is not done, see section:
Install DSPLIB toolchain on Windows

Download libdspl-2.0 source code

Download libdspl-2.0 source code from

You can clone project by Git or just download zip-archive.

Unzip or clone project to the folder.

You can unzip to any directory, here libdspl-2.0 will be indicate the directory in which the source codes are unzipped.

As an example, the source codes were unzipped to directory J:\libdspl-2.0.

Run CodeBlocks IDE and settings

Run CodeBlocks IDE and select menuFile -> Open:

Open \libdspl-2.0\ide\codeblocks, here libdspl-2.0 - directory into which the project was unzipped or cloned.

Open dspl.workspace and select examples -> src -> dspl_info_test.c. Test program source code we can see in editor. Test program links libdspl.dll and run dspl_info function.

Before the first build of projects: you need to configure CodeBlocks environment for working with the GCC compiler and debugger.
Open menu Settings->Compiler:

Select Global compiler settings and Toolchain executables. All fields of this window needs to fill as follow:

Press OK window will be closed.

Next step is debugger configuration. Open menu Settings->Debugger:

Select GDB/CDB debugger -> Default and all fields of this window needs to fill as follow:

Press OK and CodeBlocks is ready to working.

Build librray and run test program

Run menu Build -> Rebuild workspace:

If the dialogue with the question is opened, then we press Yes:

As a result, the first compilation of the project will begin, which may take few minutes because you need to compile for the first time BLAS and LAPACK libraries. Subsequent builds will be faster because only modified files will need to be recompiled.

Upon completion of the compilation, a message will appear in the Build log field as in the picture:

The project is ready and we just have to run the application:

As a result, a console window will appear in which the function dspl_info will display information about the libdspl library:

CodeBlocks configuration and project compilation completed successfully.