Digital Signal Processing Algorithm Library
DSPL-2.0 - Digital Signal Processing Algorithm Library

DSPL-2.0 — free DSP algorithm library

DSPL-2.0 — opensource cross-platform digital signal processing algorithm library, written in C language.
Distributed under LGPL v3 license. This allows to use this library in all applications with dynamic linking.

Source codes are available on SourceForge.
Precompiled releases:
libdspl-2.0 on SourceForge

DSPL-2.0 includes follow algorithms sets:

  • Digital spectral analysis, discrete and fast Fourier transform algorithms.
  • Analog and digital IIR filters design and analysis.
  • Digital FIR filters design and analysis.
  • Windows function collection includes 15 different parametric and nonparametric window functions.
  • Digital Hilbert transform algorithms.
  • Mathematical sections includes trigonometric, hyperbolic, elliptic functions of real and complex variables.
  • Pseudorandom numbers generation algorithms.
  • Statistic functions.
  • Linar algebra algorithms (BLAS and LAPACK packages are used under the hood of the DSPL-2.0 library).
  • Digital resampling algorithms.

Build and run DSPL-2.0

To build the DSPL-2.0 library on Windows, a special set of programs dsplib toolchain is provided. Dsplib toolchain includes GCC, GNUPLOT, CodeBlocks IDE, Far file manager and also Unix utilities for Windows OS.

Install DSPLIB toolchain on Windows
Build libdspl-2.0 by make program
Build libdspl-2.0 by CodeBlocks IDE
DSPL-2.0 Dynamic linking functions.

Documentation content

Mathematical sections:

Digital spectral analysis:

Analog and digital filters design and analysis:

Other algortithms: